Google Maps Marketing: How to Increase Rank

Are you ready to grow your business? Local maps SEO is the way to go. Each year there are changes to consider when learning how to rank on Google along with Google Maps. We have provided a guide below that goes over local ranking factors along with what is involved with Google maps optimization.

What Is Google My Business?
Google My Business enables business owners to claim a listing for their business that may appear in Google search results. Virtually any type of business can claim a Google My Business listing, which will display information that searchers may want to know, such as address, opening hours, and customer ratings.

Proximity Based Google Maps Results
The first type of Google Maps listing is that based on your geographical location. With mobile search volume, traffic increasing, this type of search (and Google Maps result) is becoming much more common. If you’ve ever performed a search for a specific type of business from your mobile device, you’ll almost undoubtedly have come across a result on Google mapping.

Ranked on Google Maps Results in SEO
Not every user has location data enabled on their mobile device, and Maps listings are available for virtually any destination on the planet, not only those in the user’s general vicinity. This is when “ranked” Google Maps results are often shown. These results appear on Google Maps searches for businesses of a certain type in a given location.
Google Maps will help bolster your online presence in local search results, which demonstrates your legitimacy and relevancy as a company. You wouldn’t be able to rank #1 for your “keyword” if you’d closed down months ago.

Some of the primary ranking factors that influence Google local maps SEO include:

  • Whether or not the company’s Google My
  • Business page is verified with the business
  • The volume and accuracy of “citations”
  • The volume and average rating of reviews on the Google My Business Local page
  • The proximity in which the business is located to the center most point of the city or Geo-target
  • How well-populated and optimized the company’s Google My Business page
  • The domain authority of the company’s website

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